Enjoy Festival Style Fun at Your Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market is not something that many people consider spending time at. For that reason, these markets are trying to bring them back to life and encourage more people to spend time enjoying all that they can find there. This means that instead of buying produce or livestock, people can expect more from their local markets. This also means that you can enjoy festival style fun at farmer’s markets everywhere.

The Fun of Festivals

Festivals are always fun. People go to them to see the things that they can find, whether it is shopping around at different booths to find handmade artwork or taste testing new foods made out of old favorites. There are strawberry festivals, watermelon festivals, and peanut festivals, as well as many others. Every region seems to have their own festival styles. At the farmer’s market, you can expect to find even more, especially when they combine food, fun, and the holiday spirit.

Scarecrow Festival Fun!

Holidays and More

Think about the time of year that produce is being grown locally. Typically, it is going to be during the spring, summer, and fall. There are not many holidays during this time, but the ones that are most celebrated can be even more fun when combined with delicious treats and locally grown produce for you to take home. During the summer, you may consider celebrating Independence Day with fresh from the vine watermelons and other treats. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a watermelon eating contest? It is made even better by seeing fireworks when the sun goes down and many markets are providing it. There are also fall fruits, such as pumpkins, which turn into fabulous pies. At your local farmers market, you can purchase a gourd for your fall decorations, pumpkins for your pies, and corn to add to your cornucopia. You may also plan to go on a day when they are having a “Halloween Market”. They may also play host to a scarecrow festival where they will have bales of hay set up as mazes, hay rides, pumpkin carving contests, and costume contests for adults and kids. Wouldn’t that be the ideal time to bring out your womens poison ivy costume?

Get Ready for Fun

Your local farmer’s market can be a great place to spend time throughout the months of the year. Every season can bring something new and exciting to the area. It is no longer just to give you a place to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, but that is also part of the experience of going to it. If your local market has not yet begun to celebrate the seasons, perhaps you should recommend that they start now. It is guaranteed to give the community a great way to enjoy the holidays and other special times for the area. Without the farmer’s markets, local growers would have less reason to grow produce. If they aren’t growing it, you may miss out on the fresh fruits and vegetables that your family enjoys the most. That is why you should encourage and enjoy festival style fun at your local farmer’s market.