Farmers Market Operating Hours

Do you love the idea of eating fresh, homegrown, fruits and vegetables? If you are like most people you do. That is why many people choose to make use of their local farmer’s market. They provide fruit and vegetables that are organically grown by local farmers. Not those that are grown in areas far away and with chemicals to make them look prettier. However, many people miss out on their market because they think it is for livestock sales or never open when they are ready to go. This can be solved by understanding how it works and the farmers market operating hours.

What Our Market Offers

Our farmers market offers a variety of fresh produce thanks to the local farmers in our area. The availability of the things that we offer change frequently, but most all our farmers try to provide specific produce during each of the four seasons. During times when produce is not readily available, they may sell stuff that they have canned or packaged during a time when they were able to grow their items. Our market also gives people a place to put the crafts that they have created with their own hands and there are some merchandise stands for retail items as well. Our goal is to give people variety so that they can support their local farmers and others within the community.

Our Hours of Operation

We often receive complaints from people who attempted to stop by and found our gates closed. This is because we are generally only open during select hours of the weekend. Our vendors often have other jobs that they work at during the weekdays or they spend their week harvesting to get ahead so they can set up their booth on Saturday. It seems to work better for everyone because most families that would venture to a farmer’s market like ours often work or have other things that they also need to do during the week. The good news is; our market can also be used for other things during the week when it is normally closed.

When the Farmer’s Market Closes

Occasionally, you may ride past or see that our gates are opened on Friday. This is usually because of an event that we have going. Livestock sales, rodeos, charity events, and other stuff are usually done on Friday. There are several locals who wanted the option to host events in an area that was safe and set up for it. We have the space and we do our best to ensure that it is safe.

When closed, we wanted to provide safety to our booths and searched everywhere for a wrought iron gate for sale that we would be able to lock up when necessary. To make it easier on those who need to use it during the week, we also wanted to make it easy for them to access. This meant purchasing rolling gate hardware from Driveway Gates For Sale that could withstand a lot of activity and not stick closed or cause problems. The reason for gates and hardware is simple. It keeps people from wandering around when no one is there, but makes it easier for people who belong there to gain entry.