Take A Dip In The Pool This Weekend At The Fair

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? For many people, it is a non-stop chore to come up with exciting things to do during the weekends for their family and most people do not think about visiting their local farmer’s market. Our goal is to change that for that Colorado residents and invite you to come see us this weekend at the farmers market.

What We Have Planned for Visitors

Most people think of a farmers market as a place to go to buy vegetables and fruits that are fresh from the garden. It is true. That is the primary reason for people to visit a market, but it isn’t the only reason. Our market has a variety of things for families to do, see, and enjoy on an every weekend basis, but then we also have special weekends where we expand to encourage more people to come and see us. This weekend, for instance, we are going to throw a party and everyone is invited. We invite you, your family, friends, and neighbors to come and see what a backyard BBQ can really be.

The Fun You Will Have at the Farmer’s Market

Our farmers market is designed to bring everyone closer. By visiting, you can show your support to local farmers who keep their produce free of chemicals. You can meet your neighbors and spend a little time enjoying all that we have to offer. Some of the activities you are invited to enjoy this weekend include pony rides and bounce houses for children, carnival rides for bigger kids, dunk tanks to support the local charities, and more. Kids can be allowed to run and play with other kids in the neighborhood. There will be games set up where everyone is guaranteed a prize for playing. These games include a duck pond, fishing game, and cake walks.

Parents can walk around and look at crafts that were created by locals. Everyone can spend the day simply enjoying a friendly atmosphere. In short, we will have fun, food, and a little bit of something to offer everyone who decides to attend. Since it is also going to be a little warm this weekend and we know that people do not enjoy the heat; we are also setting up areas to keep you cool.

Fun in the Sun

We invite everyone to wear a bathing suit to take advantage of sprinklers that will be set up for children to enjoy if they do not want to spend time in the best above ground pool from The Pool Guru that we could find. Sprinklers will be located near the pool, but they are ideal for young toddlers who may not be ready to tackle a swimming pool. At the pool, there will be people stationed around it to ensure that everyone is playing safe. If you or your children do not want to get wet, you can take a break in the shade of one of our set up picnic tents. There will be fans to further increase your comfort in these areas. In the event that it rains a little, some of these tents will be set up for the games, while others are designated to people who simply want a break from the activities.

Make Plans for Your Farmer’s Market Trip

Money is optional. Most of the games and activities are free to enjoy. Food, drinks, and crafts may cost you an affordable amount. You can visit and plan to spend the day or you can visit and spend just a few hours. We have been planning this party for months and we will have our BBQ come rain or shine. It is an even that will last the entire weekend, so you can make plans to visit us on Saturday or Sunday. We encourage you to attend and see what we have put our efforts into and then we encourage to keep your ears open for other events that will also be coming up in the near future. Our goal is to prove that a farmers market can be more than you may expect and we hope that eventually, you will decide to visit us every weekend at the farmers market to see what we have going on.