Welcome to Fruita Farmer’s Market

September 13th, 2010

The Fruita Farmer’s Market is located at Fruita Civic Center Park on the corner of Peach and Aspen, Downtown Fruita, Colorado

Welcome one and all to our 10th year as a farmer’s market.

We have some great music planned so make sure and stop by and check out our great little market with a very home town feel.

Most Played Video Games in the World

January 31st, 2014

XCOM is developed by 2K games. Did you know that it was awarded as the game of the year some time before? XCOM is about the earth’s government working together to organize an elite paramilitary team with the game player acting as the XCOM commander. Isn’t that cool? Being the commander, you must plot battle missions and lead the team for war versus aliens. Also, you examine alien techs and create a full-pledge operation. Gamers can play at various levels, raise an army and ascertain weapons. To enjoy full features, install it on iOS device.

Are you into survival games? If so, try “The Deadly Premonition”. It’s a mix of suspense, third-person action plus a taste of horror in a combat and crime investigation game. This game is about the journey of the character Francis York Morgan to solve and investigate the cruel murder of a woman.

If you try to go through online game forums, you may come across the Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 and 2. Coming from Shippuden series, the game introduces various animated characters. CyberConnect 2 developed this game and published by Namco Bandai Games. It follows the story line of Masashi Kishimoto and manga Naruto series. 1 or 2 players can play Ultimate Ninja Storm. The most recent Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has three battle modes – adventure, online and the discreet selection setting. Best gaming headsets make this game enjoyable. This time, you can also use the sync and create combo moves to support characters. The players can do critical moves and attacks while dashing around the battlefield.

The game characters include: Naruto, Lee, Neji, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Ino, Shikamaru, Hinata, Shizune, Might Gai, Jiraiya, Kankuro, Pein, Hinata and others. Each of them has special attack. Naruto is expert in using his body clones, which help him during the fight. The clones can also do all the things Naruto can do. Gathering all clones together is Naruto’s strongest attack to his opponents. They will together help each other until they finally pressed the enemy down.

Sakura has a giant clone, which gives critical damage to her enemies. She’s so big that she can easily smash her opponents down with her hands or fists. Likewise, her clone can do the Sakura attacks. Meanwhile, Sasuke’s critical damage comes from the Chidori technique. He absorbs and recharges power through his hands then finally releases it to his opponents. Don’t worry if you are a newbie. The game can be easily learned. The game created with a good concept that anyone will surely love.

Now if you enjoy the Xbox 360, you may find Resident Evil 5 great. Better that it becomes, now you can even download the game for free from the Xbox 360 download center as it caters a large download database containing more or less 300,000 downloads.

How about the copyright issues? No worries, Xbox 360 has Microsoft license to distribute downloadable games. Become an Xbox 360 member to enjoy unlimited access to your favorite games. Not just that, even television shows and movies too. Pay one time membership fee and pay no more for the rest of your life. Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need to pay monthly subscription.

Find more games online. You surely don’t want to miss other best selling games. So, stay tune and read more articles from this page.

Best Bikes of 2014

January 17th, 2014

Your good old favorite bike was your best pal. You ride with him every morning probably for your routine exercise or maybe witness your first heart break. But don’t you think it’s time to get a new one? Certainly, there number of trendy bikes out there designed with the latest technology and superior features. In fact, there are more than hundreds. Here, we have trimmed 4 best bikes for 2014.

Cannondale CAAD10 5 105, the aluminum racing bike especially engineered with fabulous aluminum construction.  It has 2.5 pounds frame and out in the market now for only $1,730. With its features, it must the one you’re looking for. Check it out!

Frame: Smartformed 6069 alloy, CAAD 10

Fork: Speed save, Tapered Steerer

Crank: FSA Gossamer, BB30

Bottom Bracket: FSA BB30

Shifters, Chain, Front & Back Derailleur and Cog Set: Shimano 105 5700, 12-27, 10 speed

Rims and Hubs: Shimano RS-10

Tires: Schwalbelugano, 700X23C

Handlebar: Compact Cannondale C3

Stem: Cannondale 31 8MM 6 Deg

Headset: CAAD 10, 1-1/4 inches Lower Bearing, 25 millimeter top cap

Spokes: Shimanors  RS-10

Grips: New Cannondale Bar Tape with Gel, 2.5 mm

Saddle: Prologo, Kappa Evo

Seat Post: Cannondale C3 Alloy, 27.2 X300MM

Having $2000 budget, you can now get the best hybrid bikes like the Specialized Tarmac Mid Compact to your garage. Yes, it’s for sale for only $1750. This is very much affordable for high-end bike. If you are a serious racer, you will realize that.

The bike frame is made of finest carbon types molded from the most advance construction method. It further divides the frame to 4 monocoque sections for more specific tube shapes and joints with the right sizes. With its tapered, shaped head tube, there’s no other like this bike that comes with real strength and stiffness combines in one.

The Technical Specs

Frame: SpecializedFACT 8r carbon, designed for racing, 1-1/2 inch lower bearing, OSBB SWAT

Fork: monocoque, OS race for 1-1/2 bearing

Headset: 1-1/8 inch upper and 1-1/2 lower Cr-Mo cartridge bearings combined with headset, 20 millimeter cone spacer

Stem: Elite set, 3D forged alloy, adjustable 4-position, 4-bolt 31.8 mm clamp

Handlebars: shallow drop, alloy

Tape: Specializes S-wrap with gel

Front and Rear Brakes: Axis DC 1.0

Brake and Shift Levers: Shimano 105 STI

Front and Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105

Cassette: Shimano Tiagra, 10-speed, 12-28

Chain: Shimano Tiagra, 10-speed

Crankset: FSA Gossamer BB30

Pedals: Nylon flat test ride, loose ball with reflectors

Front and Rear Wheels: DT Axis 2.0

Front and Rear Tires: Specialized Espoir Sport, double Black belt, wire bead 60TPI, 700 x 23c

Seatpost: FACT carbon, 27.2 millimeter

Seat Binder: Forged alloy, 32.6 millimeter

Innovation of Sound Technology

November 16th, 2013

The Bluetooth Speakers

Who doesn’t love the wireless technology? No need to waste time trying to figure out which socket fits. With your smartphone or laptop at hand you can already use the Bluetooth speaker. It’s rechargeable so definitely portable – a plug and play device.

The Wave Sound System

There’s another one besides the wireless system – the wave music system. You must have seen one in a classy hotel. The first time you see it, it looks like a high-tech alarm clock. Although, you can also use that feature, the device is really for music.

Different Features of this Package

As mentioned, it comes with alarm feature to allow users to set 2 different wake-up times and tap the snooze on and off options. It has advance tuner so you can choose and tune in your favorite music station using a radio text display. It is simple yet elegant. The device fits almost anywhere in your house. All you have to do is plug and it is ready to go. No need to collect bunch of CDs. No more issues whether the CD plays or is compatible to the unit. With wave sound system, you can enjoy a full playlist of songs from your iPod, computer or any IT gadget with Bluetooth device. Any radio, cd player, ipod, and other music device can benefit from buying the best noise cancelling headphones for perfect sound.

The advance control panel and digital electronic system make it alluring and must-have audio system collection. If you are dependent to alarm clocks, you’ll probably enjoy the convenience of this device. No buttons, just tap and it takes the snooze away. Isn’t that convenient?

It comes with infrared remote in order to make its operation easier. And you can also access your favorite music libraries even through iTunes. How about using the auxiliary input? So, you thought is just for playing music. Well, it’s not because you can also connect this device to another audio source like DVD player. You may plug in your headphone accessory to if you feel like listening privately.

Here’s a plus! You may also buy a Bluetooth headphone to complete the accessory. Get an ear-fit headphone so that you can conveniently move around without worrying about the cords. Whether you wish to use one for chatty conversations through your friends and love ones or listen to sweet music to soothe your spirit, you can connect this geeky device to both devices all at once and easily switch to answer a call or listen to media.

It’s not a dream anymore. Some people made it happened. All of us must be grateful to technology because it makes our lives more fun and convenient. You could just imagine how it is to live without technology. Some would say it’s ridiculously expensive but we all pay a price. Some things are just worth more than money can buy like seeing those lovely smiles or enjoying great bonding times with your significant others. Money is just money. It is all passing. But the time and memories we create remains a history. Something that we like to remember as time goes by.

How to Change Your iPhone 5 Keyboard Language

June 21st, 2013

One of the awesome features of Apple iPhone products are the capability to type and navigate the phone through your native tongue. Often times we don’t use the English dialect as our main method of communication and need to use say Spanish or Chinese in order to chat with others. Changing the keyboard language is actually quite simple.

First you want to click on your settings icon which will bring you to the top level menu settings. From there you’ll want to click on General which will go a step deeper into the actual settings menu. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the Keyboard settings. Within this menu you’ll see various options from auto-correct, auto capitalization, caps lock, etc. Scroll down just a little bit and click on Keyboards. From there you’ll see your default keyboard but if you want to add another language you can click “Add New Keyboard”. The possibilities are quite large with languages ranging from Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Slovak, and much more. You can also enable the Emoji keyboard which allows for cool emoticons. For animated emoticons I recommend looking into the app store for apps that have that functionality since Apple doesn’t support it yet.

DUI Checkpoints 101

November 5th, 2012

What exactly are sobriety checkpoints? A sobriety checkpoint is really an instrument that law enforcement use to evaluate random drivers for indications of drug and alcohol damage. A sobriety checkpoint can be an end on the highway, highway, or other public road. Police force determines in front of time what procedure to make use of when stopping vehicles (i.e. every fourth car is stopped). If you should be stopped at a sobriety checkpoint, the officer might ask for the registration and license. They truly are mainly trying to find indications of damage. If they imagine that you might be under the impact of drugs or alcohol, they will perform a chemical test and could also utilize field sobriety tests or conduct a drug evaluation.

Are sobriety checkpoints legal? In 1990, the United States Of America Supreme Court declared that sobriety checkpoints did not break citizen’s Fourth Amendment right against excessive search and seizure. They determined that after these checks are preformed with minimal intrusion under given recommendations, the advantage of these checkpoints significantly outweighs the minor intrusion on individual’s rights. Each state has adopted laws of their very own regarding sobriety checkpoints. Currently, eleven states forbid the use of sobriety roadblocks. The explanation for not permitting these checks varies by state.

What indications of damage are they searching for? The most frequent signs of damage which are looked for throughout a sobriety checkpoint stop are:

* the smell of alcoholic beverages or drugs

* blood shot eyes

* the existence of alcoholic containers or drug paraphernalia in the automobile

* slurred or difficult language

* fumbling or other physical signs of intoxication

* entry of drug or alcohol use

* inconsistent responses to answers

* detection of alcohol by a passive alcohol screening tool

What are my rights if I will be stopped a checkpoint? Just like any routine stop, you might be needed to supply identifying information such as for example your name, address, driver’s license, and enrollment. For legal reasons, there is no need to express any such thing. REMAIN SILENT. Whatever you say could possibly be used against you. Admitting to drinking or consuming drugs (even in small quantities: “I only had one!”) could be construed as admitting guilt. Do not SAY ANY such thing. Also consider using a DUI checkpoint app to avoid sobriety stops.

Most police officers will not tell this to you, but you do NOT have to take field sobriety tests. Those would be the 1′s where you need to walk a line, touch your nose, and do other similar stunts. They are created for failure. You might be perhaps not required for legal reasons to take these tests.

You MIGHT BE required, under implied consent laws, to submit to chemical testing of your blood, breath, or urine, at the request of an officer. These might be performed, outside of the stream of traffic, at the scene of the checkpoint, or you may be delivered to a nearby facility because of this testing. If you are not arrested after testing, you are free to leave and do not need to say any such thing.

Are there conditions about sobriety checkpoints? Yes, you will find specific recommendations that police force must follow to make sure that checkpoints usually do not qualify seizure and as excessive search. Its own specific guidelines are used by each state. These recommendations can be found by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Management about sobriety checkpoints:

1. They have to be part of an on-going plan to discourage drunk driving.

2. They ought to have support from the judicial system (i.e. the district prosecutor)

3. There has to be established procedures for just how to correctly operate a checkpoint.

4. The choice of checkpoints should be achieved in the interest of public security and selected for a particular goal (i.e. an unusual number of drunk driving accidents in that region)

5. Drivers ought to be adequately warned of an approaching checkpoint.

6. Police presence ought to be apparent when approaching the checkpoint.

7. The logistics of chemical testing must permit expeditious transportation of suspects to a chemical test website.

8. Any change in the initial preparation of a checkpoint must be well documented.

9. Investigation and detection methods must be well thought out and standardized. These should be performed by competent law enforcement. Investigation must take place without impeding the flow of traffic.

10. The people ought to be vigorously advised of sobriety checkpoints with ample warning so that they can prevent them entirely.

11. Feedback ought to be requested from citizens who are stopped to help determine if the system is successful.

If you have already been stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and believe that your rights were not upheld or that you were unlawfully searched, you might want to get hold of a experienced and competent lawyer who are able to establish your options and legal rights. If you were charged with driving while intoxicated after having a sobriety checkpoint investigation, you want the aid of a qualified lawyer at the earliest opportunity.